5 Reasons Being an SEO Internet Marketer Rocks

Working for yourself can be a fun and rewarding way to live your adult life. While you still have to put in the hours and work hard to be successful, being an entrepreneur gives you a sense of freedom that you don’t always as an employee of another company. What are some other reasons why being an entrepreneur rocks?

 1. Your Hard Work Directly Benefits the Company (And Your Wallet)

As an employee, you are limited to how much you are allowed to contribute to the success of your employer. If you have an idea, it may not be approved or otherwise acted upon by management. Unless you are on commission, your salary is the same no matter how well you do your job or how much money it makes your employer. This is why many people get bored or burned out as employees. However, when you work for yourself, your success almost directly correlates with what you do or don’t do.

Running your own business means you get to create your own company culture.
Running your own business means you get to create your own company culture.

2. You Create Your Own Culture

When you worked for the grocery store down the street, your easygoing attitude may have been mistaken for laziness or a lack of drive. However, when you create your own company, you can be as easygoing or as intense as you want to, with no one to tell you otherwise. Ultimately, you are allowed to create and see your vision for the ideal company culture through to the end. Today, some of the biggest companies in the U.S. are known for their great corporate cultures (see Google, Facebook, and Twitter) because their entrepreneurial founders set the tone during start-up phase.

3. Everyone Has a Say

At the beginning of a new venture, you may be the only employee of your company. In some cases, you may have a small pool of founders or employees working with or for you. Regardless, each person has to play a vital role in coming up with ideas for new products, services or how to innovate while keeping costs in check. Therefore, everyone has a voice and is on relatively equal footing when it comes to making the company the best it can be. That can be a powerful force that creates revolutionary products or transforms how businesses operate in general. Co-founders of an SEO Austin firm say the transition to self-employment has been empowering for this very reason. Now instead of trying to be heard by superiors, the entrepreneurial duo is calling the shots. The autonomy and equality allows their different skillsets to flourish, making them a formidable force in the search engine marketing world.

4. There Is Always a New Challenge

Running your own business means that you are directly involved in developing products, finding new sources of funding, and dealing with customers. This means that you will rarely have a boring or predictable day. While at first this may seem daunting, eventually that excitement and challenge is what will ultimately drive you to get up every morning and do more than you thought possible.

Being an entrepreneur can be quite a challenge; there's always going to be something to keep you on your toes.
Being an entrepreneur can be quite a challenge; there’s always going to be something to keep you on your toes.

5. Almost Any Idea Can Be a Profitable One

As an entrepreneur, there is always a reason to learn something new or delve deeper into a topic that you are interested in. Learning more about the game of golf could lead you to creating a better golf club while learning about how to clean swimming pools may lead to you to develop a product that does it better and safer. These ideas and more can lead to huge profits and financial security for life. For example, those who watch ABC’s Shark Tank may remember the pitch for Scrub Daddy, a scrubber that has revolutionized how millions of Americans do their dishes. The idea was drummed up by founder Aaron Krause, who created the line of scrubbers after tinkering with different methods for washing his hands after working in his machine shop. He realized the polymer material he created actually functioned well as a household scrubbing tool. The Sharks agreed, and today, with the backing of Lori Greiner, the Company has become the most successful Shark Tank product of all time.

Being an entrepreneur is unlike any other experience that you will ever have. Each day, you wake up trying to make the best possible life for yourself and your family by taking actions that attempt to make life better for your customers and the community as a whole.